måndag 16 januari 2012

Boken till Iraks ambassadör

Iraks ambassadör Dr Hussain M. Al-Ameri tar
 emot ett exemplar i sitt tjänsterum på Baldersgatan
 i Stockholm. Livet på ambassaden är idag mer
 fridfullt än under Saddamtiden. Ambassdören
har en  akademisk bakgrund. Al-Ameri  har
doktorerat i veterinärmedicin i Hannover.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Dear Mats
    we have read your book in Swedish language from page nr.1 to page nr 320. we are so sorry saying to you again we never find any reference quotations and citation.Please check your book again. It seems when you cant reply you use to use and sayin (jag förstår inte din fråga och jag vet inte)and now you reply in this way (( But I am sorry to say that I find it useless to answer you, because it obvious that you have not read my book)).

    Best professors Regard

  2. I am replying as a reader, try to read the pages between 310 until 321
    than you will find the refrences.
    As you know that Mr Mats has already mentioned that this book is written on SÄPO archive which means that is what is allowed to show or to write.
    As you know that this chance to read the SÄPO works and results you would never have it from the Saddams Mukhabarat!